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Tuesday, April 9


60 Parsecs! - the making of a sequel that was never meant to be
How hard could it be to create a sequel to your successful game? As we found out during the development of 60 Parsecs!, a follow-up to Robot Gentleman's debut title 60 Seconds!, it may easily blow up in your innocent, indie face. Not only are there new challenges to face, but you may be surprised to discover that things you knew from your first game are no longer true. We will share our experiences of crossing such a minefield of development and tell the story of how we've managed to make it to the other side in one piece. More or less.

avatar for Dominik Gotojuch

Dominik Gotojuch

Founder & Creative Director, Robot Gentleman
Dominik originally intended to become an actor, but it only took a few days at Lionhead Studios to realise what he wanted to do for the rest of his life – develop games! Initally an AI programmer on the AAA award-winning titles Fable III and Witcher 3, he eventually made his way... Read More →


Diary Study Benefits with examples from Anno 1800 development
Diary studies are a user research methodology that follow users in an early game version playing at their own leisure over a longer period of time. This talk presents the methodology and contrasts it with general playtesting. Using the case of our recent diary studies on Anno 1800, we explain the many advantages of receiving direct player feedback in the early stages of the development. Diary studies provide a direct link between developers and a game's community and allow getting the opinion leaders onboard. It provides the dev team with actionable feedback on long-term motivators as well as late game features. Takeaway: Get crucial player feedback earlier in the development cycle, and involve the development team more directly in this feedback.  

avatar for Gregory Janiczek

Gregory Janiczek

User Research Analyst, Ubisoft Blue Byte
Gregory Janiczek is a User Researcher and UX specialist. He has 7 years of hands-on experience in game UR and playtesting. With a M.A. in Game Design and a strong passion for a great user experience, he helped build up the Ubisoft Blue Byte user research lab. In these 7 years, he... Read More →


PVE and PVP - Finding the right balance
In The Cycle, players are not told which way to play, but rather allowed to work together or alone when fighting others or the environment. Yager's goal was to create a game where all of these different ways of playing would allow players a chance to win.

This talk is about the challenges Yager's development team faced when trying to create a game that combines cooperative play, PVE and PVP in a single match setting. It is about how intertwined these three parts of the game are and how the devs often found that making a change in one area would have far reaching consequences for the other two.

This talk is about a year’s worth of development and testing, trying to find a balance between cooperative and solo play and between PVE and PVP. It examines how additions and changes of features created new, unexpected dynamics and how the balance between PVE and PVP differs greatly in internal and external playtests.

avatar for Torkel Forner

Torkel Forner

Senior Game Designer, Yager
In my early-to-mid-twenties, after a couple of years of aimless studying, I found myself face to face with a simple question. What am I going to be when I grow up? After a quick analysis of my life, I realized that what I loved to think about, play and generally occupy most of my... Read More →


Alexa, press start. — Gaming’s newest frontier
Everyone remembers that one game from their childhood that they absolutely loved. The fun, the challenge, the adventures into wild uncharted lands. Players love to explore new worlds, and to find new ways to get immersed into those experiences. In this session, Rafael will show you the possibilities that mixing games with a natural interface like voice via Alexa can open up. You’ll learn how to build your own Alexa skills using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) and see the many ways Alexa is already used in this space. From indie to AAA, we can all explore this new frontier in gaming together. 

avatar for Rafael Miranda

Rafael Miranda

Technical Evangelist, Amazon Alexa
Curious at heart, Rafael loves trying out new technologies. Exploring voice interfaces was love at first hearing. He organized hackathons and other events with focus on Alexa before joining Amazon. As a technical evangelist for Amazon Alexa, he educates developers, designers, enthusiasts... Read More →