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Ana Fernández del Río

Yokozuna Data
Data Science Director

Ana Fernández del Río is the Data Science Director of Yokozuna Data. Her main goal is to understand and predict individual player behaviour, developing machine learning models that can be used in production.

She is a Theoretical Physicist with a M.Sc. in Statistical Physics of Complex Systems. Before moving to Japan she was working at the research department of the German Weather Service, where her work focused on ensemble learning models and the use of big data coming from satellite observations. With over 12 years experience in Data Science, she has lead projects for the industry for renowned clients such as Coca Cola or Telefonica in Spain and Brazil. Before moving to Germany, she also worked as a researcher for the Fundamental Physics Department of the National Distance Education University (Madrid), where she focused on the study of human collective behaviour using complex system physics and garnered research experience in academic environments.

Ana is thoroughly knowledged in ensemble models, statistical learning, complex dynamical systems, frequentist and bayesian statistics, time series forecasting and Kalman filter methods, and is a frequent speaker at international conferences.