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Harald Riegler

Gamedev Consult
CEO & Founder
Harald is the founder and CEO of Gamedev Consult, and managing partner at Games Industry Network. Starting his career in the 90’s as a C64 and Atari demo scene programmer, he quickly got into freelance game development in the late nineties on Sony’s first Playstation. In 2001 he co-founded Sproing and became its long-serving CEO, which went from 2 founders to over 100 people on its own cash flow. During these 17 years, Sproing successfully transitioned through several major industry paradigm shifts, moving from premium PC/console development to Free-to-Play web games, and then into Free-to-Play mobile games, and released several hit games. Harald also co-founded Belgian developer Neopica. In 2018 Harald co-founded Purple Lamp Studios, forged from the Sproing core team. Equipped with a highly different studio structure and backed by Viennese investors, Harald successfully kickstarted the studio as its CEO before moving into today's board position.

Today, at Gamedev Consult he advises several major companies in and around the games industry in regards to development processes, product design, company strategy, M&A and business development.